Alpine Community Church

United Church of Christ

July 24, 2016, Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Mission Statement

Our Mission as the Alpine Community Church is to serve God by creating an environment of fellowship following the teachings of Jesus Christ. We minister to the needs of our congregation and community, motivating ourselves with love, faith and hope.

Join us each Sunday
9:00 AM Worship and Sunday School
Holy Communion offered every Sunday
10:00 AM Coffee Hour and Social Time


While Paster Tom is on his sabaticle June 23 to October 1, Reverend Sandra Nunnally will be doing hospital and nursing home visits for Alpine Community Church. If needed, please call the church office


The background in this web site is acutually a picture of a very small spot on the wall of Fuller Hall.
The background color of the Header will change to match the color of the church seasons.
White for Christmas
Green for Epiphany
White for Transfiguration Sunday
Purple for Lent
Gold for Easter
Red for Pentecost Sunday
White for the Sunday after Pentecost
Green for remaining Sundays after Pentecost and continues Green until Advent
Blue for Advent
Then White for Christmas and starts all over again next year