United Church of Christ

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The Women's Guild meets regularly on the second Saturday of each month at 9:30AM in Fuller Hall. All women are welcome to join. The Guild provides fellowship and programs of education and missions for the women of the church.

Men's Group
The Men's Group meet during the months of September through May, on the second Thursday at 7:00AM. All men are welcome to join. A full breakfast is served followed by a stimulating program presented by a different volunteer each month.

Adult Bible Study
This group meets during the months of October through April on Wednesday's at 9:30AM. The meetings are conducted by Rev. Ken Colman. A study guide is provided reading material. A particular book of the bible is chosen each year.

Sunday School
Sunday School is provided each Sunday and takes place during the worship service. It is open to Pre-K through High School.

Harvey Memorial Medical Equipment
Established in 2011, this medical facility provides medical equipment on loan to members of our community at no cost. It includes a wide variety of equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers, and much more. We accept donations of unwanted medical equipment.